Administration & Faculty


Executive Leadership

Dean's Leadership Council

Dean: Dr. Sarandeep Huja
Vice Dean Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs: Dr. Tariq Javed
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs: Dr. Sorin Teich
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration: Mr. Matt Fuller
Assistant Dean for Innovation and Department Chair, Reconstructive and Rehabilitation Sciences: Dr. Sompop Bencharit
Department Chair, Advanced Specialty Sciences: Dr. Theresa Gonzales
Department Chair, Biomedical & Community Health Sciences: Dr. Amy Martin


Associate Dean for Hospital Affairs: Dr. Mark Miller
Assistant Dean of Student Success: Dr. Lindsey Hamil
Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs: Dr. Karen McPherson

Academic and Student Affairs

Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs: Dr. Tariq Javed
Assistant Dean of Student Success: Dr. Lindsey Hamil
Director of Student Life and Engagement: Mrs. Katy Burt
Director of Diversity: Dr. Gwendolyn Brown

Clinical Affairs

Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs: Dr. Sorin Teich
Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs: Dr. Karen McPherson
Director of Dental Faculty Practice: Dr. Douglas Alterman
Dental Director, West Ashley Medical Pavilion: Dr. Albert Natelli

Finance and Administration

Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration: Mr. Matt Fuller
Senior Director of Finance: Ms. Meghan Herbert
Director of Development/Alumni Affairs: Ms. Stephanie D. Oberempt
Director of Information Technology: Mr. Adrian Tippens
Director of Communications and Marketing: Ms. Alyssa Glazener

Department of Advanced Specialty Sciences

Chair: Dr. Theresa Gonzales

Division of Surgical Services & Applied Technology

Division Chief: Dr. Martin Steed

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Director, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Program: Dr. Mark Miller
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Patrick Dolan, Dr. Lynn Fader, Dr. Colleen Holewa, Dr. John Torchia, Dr. Karen Robinson

Graduate Digital Dentistry
Director, Digital Dentistry Graduate Program: Dr. Christian Brenes

Division of Applied Craniofacial Sciences

Section Head, Orthodontics: Dr. Timothy Tremont
Director, Orthodontics Residency Program: Dr. Ildeu Andrade
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Sarandeep Huja
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Juan Faja-Fernandez, Dr. Roland Fulcher, Dr. Roberta Gardner, Dr. Bryan Green, Dr. Loring Ross

Pediatric Dentistry
Director, Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program: Dr. Hannah Rustin
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Deirdre Williams
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Jennifer Berwick, Dr. Matthew Castele, Dr. Erin Nichols, Dr. Katherine Renne, Dr. Steven Shapiro

Division of Regenerative Sciences & Periodontology

Division Chief: Dr. Hua-Hong (Ben) Chien

Director, Periodontics Residency Program: Dr. Michael Cuenin
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Pinar Emecen-Huja, Dr. Robert Gellin, Dr. Tariq Javed, Dr. Renata Leite, Dr. Abhiram Maddi
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Mona Ellis, Dr. David Ivey, Dr. Lawrence Weir

Dean Emeritus:
Dr. John J. Sanders

Professor Emeritus: Dr. Edward Herschaft, Dr. Brad Neville, Dr. Curtis Wise

Department of Biomedical and Community Health Sciences

Chair: Dr. Amy Martin

Division of Emergency Services

Division Chief and Director, Endodontics Residency Program: Dr. Theodore Ravenel

Pre-Doctoral Endodontics
Section Head, Pre-Doctoral Endodontics: Dr. Chin-Lo (Ellen) Hahn
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Luis Yepes
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Julian Wade Nichols

Director, Urgent Care Clinic: Dr. Michael Garvin

Division of Population Oral Health

Division Chief: Dr. Joni Nelson
Director, Special Needs Clinic: Dr. Michelle Ziegler
Director, Ryan White Clinic: Dr. Theresa Gonzales
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Lindsey Hamil, Dr. Julie Marshall

Division of Basic Science Research

Director, Gnotobiotic Animal Core - Center for Oral Health Research: Dr. Caroline Westwater
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Andrew Jakymiw, Dr. Subramanya Pandruvada, Dr. Hai Yao, Dr. Özlem Yilmaz, Dr. Hong Yu

Division of Diagnostic Science and Services

Division Chief: Dr. Charles Ferguson

Oral Medicine and Radiology
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Farzad Nourollah-Zadeh, Dr. Sonali Rathore, Dr. Robert Utsman

Oral Pathology
Director, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology: Dr. Angela Yoon
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Tina Woods

Professor Emeritus:
Dr. Robert Draughn

Department of Reconstructive and Rehabilitation Sciences

Chair: Dr. Sompop Bencharit

Division of Pre-Doctoral Prosthodontics

Division Chief: Dr. Monica Cayouette
Director, Pre-Doctoral Dentistry Clinic: Dr. Ray Kessler
Director, Removable Prosthodontics Clinic: Dr. Dalton Wilson
Director, Implant Prosthodontics Clinic: Dr. Guilherme Moura
Director of Research: Dr. Fabio Rizzante
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Merve Benli, Dr. John Ference, Dr. Peter Mehr
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Casey Bennett, Dr. Olga Hahn

Division of Restorative Services

Division Chief: Dr. James Loe
Director, Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency Program: Dr. Michelle Ziegler
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Douglas Alterman, Dr. John Comisi, Dr. Jeffrey Kirk, Dr. Robert Lowe, Dr. Karen McPherson, Dr. Albert Natelli, Dr. Leonard Sclafani, Dr. Sorin Teich, Dr. Jompobe Vuthiganon
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Jeff Bayme, Dr. Mullen Coover, Dr. Christie Moody

Professor Emeritus: Dr. Edward Collins, Dr. Peter Kobes, Dr. Stephen Malley, Dr. S. Theodore McGill, Dr. Elizabeth Pilcher, Dr. James Rivers, Dr. W. Dan Sneed, Dr. Edward Welsh