Administration & Faculty

Executive Leadership

Dr. Sarandeep Huja
Vice Dean
Dr. Tariq Javed
Senior Associate Dean
Dr. Elizabeth Pilcher
Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs
Dr. Tariq Javed
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Dr. Sorin Teich
Associate Dean for Hospital Affairs
Dr. Martin Steed
Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs
Dr. Karen McPherson
Assistant Dean of Innovation and Digital Dentistry
Dr. Walter Renne
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration


Academic and Student Affairs

Director of Education and Assessment
Dr. Lindsey Hamil
Director of Diversity
Dr. Gwendolyn Brown


Clinical Affairs


Director of Dental Faculty Practice
Dr. Douglas Alterman


Finance and Administration


Director of Finance
Mr. Nathan Reid
Director of Information Technology
Mr. Adrian Tippens


Department of Stomatology


Dr. Amy Martin
Director, Div. of Oral Medicine, Radiology & Emergency Services
Dr. Charles Ferguson
Director, Div. of Oral Pathology
Dr. Angela Chi
Director, Div. of Periodontics
Dr. Robert Gellin
Director, Div. of Population Oral Health
Dr. Amy Martin
Director, Graduate/Residency Program of Periodontics
Dr. Michael Cuenin
Deputy Director
Dr. Joni Nelson


Department of Oral Rehabilitation


Dr. Monica Cayouette
Director, Div. of Endodontics
Dr. C. Hahn
Director, Div. of Implant Prosthodontics
Dr. Mark Ludlow
Director, Div. of Removable Prosthodontics
Dr. Dalton Wilson
Interim Director, Div. of Restorative Dentistry
Dr. James Loe
Director, Div. of Digital Dentistry
Dr. Anthony Mennito
Director, Div. of Special Needs & AEGD Program
Dr. Michelle Ziegler
Director, Graduate/Residency Endodontics Program
Dr. Theodore Ravenel
Director, Graduate/Residency Endodontics Program
Dr. Mark Ludlow


Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Dr. Martin Steed
Director, Residency Program, OMFS
Dr. Michael Lecholop


Department of Oral Health Sciences


Dr. Christopher Davies
Director, Center for Oral Health C-COHR Research
Dr. Ozlem Yilmaz
Director, Center for Oral Health G-COHR Research
Dr. Caroline Westwater
Director, Center for Oral Health L-COHR Research


Department of Orthodontics


Dr. Timothy Tremont
Director, Graduate/Residency Program Orthodontics
Dr. Timothy Tremont


Department of Pediatric Dentistry


Dr. Christel Haberland
Interim Director, Graduate/Residency Program Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Deirdre Williams