Administration & Faculty


Executive Leadership

Dean's Leadership Council

Dean: Dr. Sarandeep Huja
Vice Dean Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs: Dr. Tariq Javed
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs: Dr. Sorin Teich
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration: Mr. Matt Fuller
Interim Department Chairs, Advanced Specialty Sciences: Dr. Tariq Javed and Dr. Amy Martin
Department Chair, Biomedical & Community Health Sciences: Dr. Amy Martin
Interim Department Chair, Reconstructive and Rehabilitation Sciences: Dr. James Loe


Associate Dean for Hospital Affairs: Dr. Mark Miller
Assistant Dean of Student Success: Dr. Lindsey Hamil
Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs: Dr. Karen McPherson
Assistant Dean for Innovation: Dr. Fabio Rizzante

Academic and Student Affairs

Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs: Dr. Tariq Javed
Assistant Dean of Student Success: Dr. Lindsey Hamil
Director of Student Life and Engagement: Mrs. Katy Burt
Director of Diversity: Dr. Gwendolyn Brown

Clinical Affairs

Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs: Dr. Sorin Teich
Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs: Dr. Karen McPherson
Director of Dental Faculty Practice: Dr. Douglas Alterman
Dental Director, Nexton: Dr. Hee Young Hwang
Dental Director, West Ashley Medical Pavilion: Dr. Albert Natelli

Finance and Administration

Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration: Mr. Matt Fuller
Senior Director of Finance: Ms. Meghan Herbert
Director of Development/Alumni Affairs: Ms. Stephanie D. Oberempt
Director of Information Technology: Mr. Adrian Tippens
Director of Communications and Marketing: Ms. Alyssa Glazener


Assistant Dean for Innovation: Dr. Fabio Rizzante
Research Scholar: Dr. Georgia Cardosa

Department of Advanced Specialty Sciences

Interim Chair, Division of Regenerative Sciences & Periodontology and Division of Surgical Services & Applied Technology: Dr. Tariq Javed

Interim Chair, Division of Applied Craniofacial Sciences: Dr. Amy Martin

Division of Surgical Services & Applied Technology

Division Chief: Dr. Martin Steed

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Director, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Program: Dr. Mark Miller
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Patrick Dolan, Dr. Lynn Fader, Dr. Colleen Holewa, Dr. John Torchia, Dr. Karen Robinson

Graduate Digital Dentistry
Interim Director, Digital Dentistry Graduate Program: Dr. John Ference

Division of Applied Craniofacial Sciences

Section Head, Orthodontics: Dr. Timothy Tremont
Interim Director, Orthodontics Residency Program: Dr. Timothy Tremont
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Sarandeep Huja
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Juan Faja-Fernandez, Dr. Roland Fulcher, Dr. Roberta Gardner, Dr. Bryan Green, Dr. Loring Ross

Pediatric Dentistry
Section Head, Pediatric Dentistry: Dr. Deirdre Williams
Director, Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program: Dr. Hannah Rustin
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Jennifer Berwick, Dr. Matthew Castele, Dr. Erin Nichols, Dr. Katherine Renne, Dr. Steven Shapiro

Division of Regenerative Sciences & Periodontology

Division Chief: Dr. Hua-Hong (Ben) Chien

Director, Periodontics Residency Program: Dr. Michael Cuenin
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Pinar Emecen-Huja, Dr. Robert Gellin, Dr. Tariq Javed, Dr. Renata Leite, Dr. Abhiram Maddi
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Mona Ellis, Dr. David Ivey, Dr. Lawrence Weir

Dean Emeritus:
Dr. John J. Sanders

Professor Emeritus: Dr. Edward Herschaft, Dr. Brad Neville, Dr. Curtis Wise

Department of Biomedical and Community Health Sciences

Chair: Dr. Amy Martin

Division of Emergency Services

Division Chief: Dr. Theodore Ravenel

Director, Endodontics Residency Program: Dr. Michael Cotter
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Luis Yepes
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Julian Wade Nichols

Director, Urgent Care Clinic

Division of Population Oral Health

Division Chief: Dr. Joni Nelson
Director, Special Needs Clinic: Dr. Michelle Ziegler
Director, Ryan White Clinic: Dr. Amanda Gregory
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Lindsey Hamil, Dr. Julie Marshall

Division of Basic Science Research

Director, Gnotobiotic Animal Core - Center for Oral Health Research: Dr. Caroline Westwater
Full-Time Faculty:  Dr. Andrew Jakymiw, Dr. Subramanya Pandruvada, Dr. Hai Yao, Dr. Özlem Yilmaz, Dr. Hong Yu
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Jessica Hathaway-Schrader

Division of Diagnostic Science and Services

Interim Division Chief: Dr. Tina Woods

Oral Medicine and Radiology
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Georgia Cardoso, Dr. Farzad Nourollah-Zadeh, Dr. Sonali Rathore, Dr. Natalia Trehan, Dr. Robert Utsman

Oral Pathology
Director, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology: Dr. Angela Yoon
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Tina Woods

Professor Emeritus:
Dr. Robert Draughn

Department of Reconstructive and Rehabilitation Sciences

Interim Chair: Dr. James Loe

Division of Pre-Doctoral Prosthodontics

Interim Division Chief: Dr. Dalton Wilson
Director, Pre-Doctoral Dentistry Clinic: Dr. Ray Kessler
Director, Removable Prosthodontics Clinic: Dr. Dalton Wilson
Director, Implant Prosthodontics Clinic: Dr. Guilherme Moura
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Mohammed Akl, Dr. Merve Benli, Dr. Monica Cayouette, Dr. John Ference, Dr. Peter Mehr, Dr. Pongsakorn Poovarodom, Dr. Fabio Rizzante
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Casey Bennett, Dr. Olga Hahn

Division of Restorative Services

Division Chief: Dr. James Loe
Director, Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency Program: Dr. Michael Garvin
Full-Time Faculty: Dr. Douglas Alterman, Dr. John Comisi, Dr. Hee Young Hwang, Dr. Jeffrey Kirk, Dr. Robert Lowe, Dr. Karen McPherson, Dr. Albert Natelli, Dr. Leonard Sclafani, Dr. Sorin Teich, Dr. Jompobe Vuthiganon, Dr. Michelle Ziegler
Part-Time Faculty: Dr. Jeff Bayme, Dr. Mullen Coover, Dr. Christie Moody

Professor Emeritus: Dr. Edward Collins, Dr. Peter Kobes, Dr. Stephen Malley, Dr. S. Theodore McGill, Dr. Elizabeth Pilcher, Dr. James Rivers, Dr. W. Dan Sneed, Dr. Edward Welsh