James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine

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2025 Strategy | Planning for Our Future

Mission Vision Values

  • College of Dental Medicine Vision:
    • To innovate the future of oral health and wellness
  • College of Dental Medicine Mission:
    • To develop transformative leaders and oral health providers to improve wellness. Our commitment to education, research and patient care will be driven by a collaborative and entrepreneurial approach that will result in global impact on the profession.
  • College of Dental Medicine Values:
    • compassion
    • collaboration
    • respect
    • integrity
    • innovation


Lead - education for future practices | scientific discovery and technology for oral health and wellness

Equipping students with advanced technology for future practice

Enhancing curriculum and stimulate critical thinking applicable to clinical practice

Fostering a humanistic community of lifelong learners focused on educational, professional, and student development

Expanding community outreach and implement strategies to eliminate barriers for individuals with limited access to dental care

Developing rigorous academic processes and structure for the next generation of top-tier clinical, basic and translational oral health scientists

Providing comprehensive patient-centered services based upon the recognition of the relationship between oral and systemic health

Aligning clinical operations throughout the MUSC Health System for consistent and comprehensive care

Leveraging technology to provide innovative and evidence-based care

Achieving global recognition for advancements in dental technology and innovations via partnerships with industry leaders

Asking and answering the clinical, translational, and basic research questions not yet asked or conceived alongside policymakers, practitioners, and patient groups

Diversifying our development portfolio through industry, alumni, and other funding opportunities to reflect the future needs of oral health practice in South Carolina and beyond

Inspire | collaboration, integration, and interprofessionalism | individuals, teams, and foster all talents

Promoting interprofessional educational experiences and practices

Developing a fully integrated MUSC medical and dental electronic health record

Growing, retaining and rewarding talented employees

Integrating diversity, inclusion and engagement across the college

Fostering a collaborative culture of open and honest communication to empower team members