Office of Academic and Student Affairs

We provide support and guidance to our students throughout their dental school experience. Our team of professionals in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs is dedicated to helping each student achieve optimal professional growth and development. They serve students through a wide variety of activities. For example, in consultation with other key stakeholders, we plan most major student events from D1 orientation through graduation.

We participate in the development and administration of many policies that impact the quality of life and campus resources available to dental students. We provide support and advisement to student council and all recognized student groups. Our goal is to be of service to you and so we welcome all opportunities to assist you in becoming a truly outstanding dental professional.

Dr. Tariq Javed

Vice Dean of Student and Academic Affairs
BSB Floor 4, Room 443

Dr. Lindsey Hamil

Director of Education
BSB Floor 4, Room 437

Behavioral Support Intervention Team member
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Dr. Gwendolyn B. Brown

Director of Diversity
Temporarily located in OHS Suite due to construction

Katy Burt, M.Ed.

Director of Student Life and Engagement
Manager, Office of Academic and Student Affairs
BSB Floor 4, Room 443

Sandra Morris

Student Services Manager
BSB Floor 4, Room 443

Pearl Givens

Student Services Program Coordinator
Temporarily located in BSB Floor 4, Room 434

Kate Peralta

Kate Peralta

Student Affairs and Accreditation Coordinator
BSB Floor 4, Room 443

Mary Williams

Mary Williams

Administrative Coordinator
BSB Floor 4, Room 443

Enrollment Services

Camille Buckner

Camille Buckner

Admissions Coordinator for the College of Dental Medicine
MUSC Office of Enrollment Management

The Office of Enrollment Management is the first point of contact for applicants and prospective students.