D.M.D./Ph.D. Dentist Scientist Training Program

MUSC’s dual degree Dentist Scientist Training Program (DSTP) begins with 1 year of dental school, followed by approximately 4 years of research, and then the final 3 years of the dental school curriculum. This paradigm helps students concentrate on their research and/or clinical work for better retention and offers a more satisfactory blend of academic and patient experiences. Additionally, dental students need continuity in their clinical training to maintain the skills acquired during their second year of preclinical, laboratory-based dental classes. To stimulate and promote the integration of the basic research skills and interests likely to be acquired during the years of Ph.D. training, we have provided two opportunities for DSTP students to gain knowledge about and actively participate in clinical and translational research during their clinical training.

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To apply, please visit Combined DMD/Ph.D. Degrees (Dental Scientist Training Program) Application Information.

Academic Dentistry and Dental Research Career Opportunities

The profession of dentistry offers multiple career opportunities. The focus of this program is to train students to be both dentists and researchers. Students prepared in this way have a unique perspective and training to help contribute to expanding the knowledge upon which we base our nation’s dental care. Thus the Dental Medicine Scientist Training Program prepares students for careers in academic dentistry and dental research.

Additional information about career opportunities is available at: the American Dental Association and the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

Careers in Dental Research

Dr. Fox discusses careers in dental research.

Student Life at MUSC

DSTP students at MUSC have access to a wide variety of student-led organizations in which to participate. Numerous social, cultural, leadership, and recreational opportunities are available to DSTP students providing for a well-rounded educational experience.