Admissions Timeline


June 4 through December 15: Submit AADAS Application

The College of Dental Medicine is a participant in the American Association of Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS) sponsored by the American Dental Education Association (ADEA).

July 1 through December 15: Submit MUSC Supplemental Application

Beginning July 1 each year the MUSC supplemental application goes live on the Enrollment Management website.

September through February: Applicant Interviews

Applicants who are selected by the admissions committee will be invited via email for interviews with Dental Medicine faculty from September to February. Interview space is limited.

December through March

Final Decisions are Mailed

Admission Requirements

Applicants who will have completed the required prerequisite courses before the dental school starts in early June are invited to apply. Although a minimum of three years of college work (90 semester hours) are required for admission, applicants generally should have completed four years of college work and earned a baccalaureate degree before entrance. In addition, an applicant can only have completed a maximum of 60 semester hours at a junior/community college if all hours are earned before the student enters the third year of study toward a baccalaureate degree. The dental school does not offer admission with advanced standing. All accepted applicants must enter as first-year students.

Applicants who have applied in previous years must submit new AADSAS and MUSC Applications and should update application materials for each new year.