Dustin Mueller

Dustin Mueller

Entered Dual-Degree program: June 2019

Biography: Dustin graduated with a BS in Biotechnology from North Dakota State and then a MS in Biomedical Sciences from Midwestern University.  Dustin joined the DSTP with extensive research experience, especially in dental biomaterials and is an author on 4 publications in that area from his MS degree.  Dustin completed his first year in the DMD part of the integrated curriculum and in spite of COVID completed rotations in the laboratories of Dr. Patrick Woster, Dr. Jeremy Gilbert, and Dr. Hai Yao.   He has chosen to perform his dissertation research with Dr. Hai Yao.

Dustin is very active as a member of the Psi Omega dental fraternity, the DMD first year representative to ADEA, a participant in an interprofessional Clarion competition, and a member of the ADEA AADSAS Advisory group.  He also has two small children and wife who is a dentist. 

Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Hai Yao

Peer-reviewed Publications: none from his dissertation at this time

Awards/Honors/Fellowships: Dustin will be submitting his F30 application to NIDCR Dec 2021