Oral Health Sciences Specialized Courses

MCBP-801 Cell & Molecular Biology of Mineralized Tissues

This course will cover the biologic principles and cellular/molecular processes of mineralized tissue development, composition and regulation in health and disease. Important topics in osteoimmunology, a new discipline in the bone field, will address new and emerging concepts in this area of research. The course will be designed to develop the student's ability to critically analyze literature in the field of mineralized tissue that pertains to craniofacial biology. Students will be expected to achieve a high level of expertise in at least one topic area of mineralized tissue. Relevant material will be presented through a combination of lectures, current literature discussion, student presentations, and exams. Credits: 3. Offered in spring or fall semester of alternate years.

MCBP-802 Advanced Oral Microbiology & Immunology

This course will teach microbiological and immunological concepts through in-depth study of infectious diseases. Emphasis will be placed on the major bacterial, fungal, and viral infections affecting the oral cavity and associated craniofacial structures. Course topics will focus on the pathogen, the host response to the pathogen, and strategies used to prevent or treat these diseases. Students will also be introduced to topics such as biofilm formation, quorum sensing, and the oral-systemic disease connection. Classes will include lecture and primary literature analysis. Student performance will be assessed by problem solving exercises, presentation of assigned paper(s), and exams. Credits: 3. Offered in spring or fall semester of alternate years.

MCBP-745 Topics in Oral Health Sciences

Current and emerging topics in oral health science will be presented and discussed in a Journal Club style format. Initially, a faculty member will introduce and direct all students in the discussion of literature concerning oral-related research topics. Subsequently, students will present topics using faculty-approved papers from top-tiered journals. Students will be expected to participate in active class discussion with other graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty. Credits: 1. Offered spring through fall semester

MCBP-747 Oral Health Sciences Seminar Series

In this series, students give a seminar based on their own research to their fellow students, advisory committee, faculty and post-doctoral fellows in the College of Dental Medicine. This is a great opportunity for the students to present their work in an informal setting and to receive constructive feedback on his/her studies from a large audience with different scientific backgrounds. Each graduate student will give at least one seminar yearly. Lectures will be supplemented with local as well as invited external speakers, whose research focus is on oral health sciences. Credits: 1. Offered spring through fall semester.