Standard Benefits


All residents accepted to the Postdoctoral Pediatric Dentistry program qualify for Medical University house-staff salary at the appropriate postgraduate year classification. Tuition is waived. Students are required to have a personal computer compatible with clinical software demands in documenting patient care. All other equipment and supplies are provided with the exception of resource textbooks. Some funding is available to attend certain professional meetings and/or associated continuing education programs.

Annual Leave (Vacation)

All full-time residents receive 15 days of compensated annual leave per year. Vacation time is defined as time for personal recreation or business that is distinct from professional continuing education or professional meetings. Vacation leave is granted at the discretion of the Program Director. Annual leave must be approved, in writing, by the Program Director in advance. Postgraduate students are not granted compensation time for working on legal holidays unless specifically provided by the Program Director according to departmental policy. Time off for job interviews and for setting up private practices must be taken as annual leave unless approved by the Program Director. Annual leave must be scheduled in advance and cannot accrue from one year to the next.

Administrative (Professional) Leave

Administrative leave is defined as time allotted for continuing education at approved professional meetings in conjunction with the educational objectives of the program. Approval for administrative leave to attend continuing education courses, board examinations, and/or other professional development activity is at the Program Director’s discretion. Approval is based on merit relative to the student’s professional development. A maximum of 10 days per year will be allowed, to include travel days for administrative leave. Administrative leave must be scheduled in advance, should be considered in the context of conflicting with patient care responsibilities, and cannot accrue from one year to the next.

Sick Leave

All full-time residents receive 15 days of sick leave per year. Sick leave can be used for personal illness, disability or injury, and for medical, dental or optical appointments. Sick leave cannot accrue from one year to the next. If a resident is absent from work due to illness for more than three (3) consecutive days, a physician’s clearance statement from the primary treating physician must be presented prior to the resident returning to work. Illnesses of the resident or the resident’s spouse, child or parent may be considered a qualifying event under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Residents who are absent from work to care for a spouse, child, parent, spouse’s parent, brother or sister may request special medical leave status. The Program Director may request the resident provide a medical certification statement from the treating physician indicating the nature and seriousness of the illness of either the resident or the resident’s qualifying family member. The resident may be required to “make up” the time missed in accordance with the Residency Program and Board Eligibility requirements.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

A combination of sick and annual leave can be used for maternity leave for a total of six weeks annually. Leave time beyond the six weeks must be approved by the department chairman and “make up” time will be required. Paternity leave is two weeks of sick leave after the birth. This is counted as part of the six weeks previously described. A written request on the GME form must be approved by the Director and submitted to the GME one month before the resident begins the leave in order for the leave to be official. GME regulations change and the rules in effect at the time of request will apply.

Professional Leave of Absence

Professional Leave of Absence may be granted under special circumstances and will be handled on an individual case-by-case basis by the Program Director and Department Chair. The resident may be required to “make-up” the time missed in accordance with the Residency Program and Board Eligibility requirements. Both military leave and jury duty are covered under this policy. Residents must follow departmental procedures when requesting a Professional Leave of Absence and must submit this request in writing.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage shall be available to the resident through:

Health Insurance: The resident will receive health (including hospitalization) and dental at nominal cost. Dependents are covered at the resident’s expense.

Life Insurance: If the resident participates in the South Carolina Retirement System, after one year of continuous service, the resident’s beneficiary is eligible to receive a sum equal to the resident’s annual salary. Additionally, if the resident elects health coverage, an additional $3,000 is payable to the resident’s beneficiary. Optional life insurance is available at reasonable rates and the resident can elect coverage up to three times the annual salary (rounded).

Disability Insurance: Residents will receive basic disability insurance after one year of service only if health insurance is elected. Supplemental long-term disability insurance is available at a competitive rate. Basic and supplemental long-term disability insurance are portable and can be converted. If participating in the South Carolina Retirement System, after five years of earned service (vesting period), in the event of a disability, residents are eligible to apply for disability retirement. Should disability retirement be granted, health insurance will also be available.

Professional Liability Coverage: The resident will be covered for malpractice liability while performing duties and responsibilities in the program. The policy provides $1,200,000 per medical occurrence and the coverage will extend beyond the time in residency from incidents that occurred during their training (i.e. “tail coverage”).

Wellness Center

Residents are eligible to be members of the MUSC Wellness Center. Membership fees are paid by the GME Office and will be reported as taxable income on the resident's federal W-2 form. Family memberships may be obtained for an additional charge.

Meal Allowance

All residents will receive $50 per month for a meal allowance. Only clinical programs that are accredited, either by ACGME or the ADA, and have a resident agreement with the GME Office, will participate in the meal card program.