MUSC will be the reference and resource in South Carolina and beyond for oral health care, education and research with the ability to provide the latest technologies in patient care.

Cultivate a Network of Safety Net Partners to Enhance Community Access to Oral Health Care & the Students’ Competence to Serve Vulnerable Communities

  • Work with South Carolina Dental Association (SCDA) and MUSC development and marketing services to assist in marketing analysis and feasibility of MUSC dental satellite facilities.
  • Establish a clinic and service line for treatment of adults with Special Health Care Needs.
  • Develop and foster partnerships with schools, community and safety net practices to increase oral health literacy awareness.
  • Provide technical assistance to community health systems in South Carolina as they negotiate Health care reform implementation.
  • Increase care to under-served populations in through expanded outreach rotations/clinics.

Use the Latest Technologies in Patient Care

  • Work closely with industry to pioneer the development and utilization of new technologies and continue to grow and expand use of digital technologies in the clinical realm.
  • Increase the support of infrastructure to support clinical, educational and research technologies, including IT services.
  • Partner with Medicine to implement a combined medical and dental electronic health record.

Continue Oral Health Initiatives & Service Learning Experiences in Concert With the MUSC Center for Global Health

  • Cultivate academic partnerships with an expanding number of dental schools throughout the world for education, training and research.

Develop & Position MUSC CDM Faculty Members to Be the Premiere Consultants for Evidence Based Dentistry & Teledentistry

  • Evaluate, in conjunction with Area Health Education Consortium (AHEC), a sustainable model for a CE Department to organize and offer continuing education.
  • Support the development of teledentistry services.

Establish Residency & Fellowship Programs Where Appropriate