Student Awards

The Dean and Faculty are delighted to announce the recipients of its esteemed Class of 2021 awards and its 2020-2021 scholarship recipients.


Awards were conveyed to selected recipients during the Class of 2021’s Honors Convocation in May. Scholarship recipients were selected at the beginning of the current term and were awarded based on a variety of criteria specific to each scholarship.

Click here to view the awardees honored at our 2021 Honors Convocation!

Did you miss our Honors Convocation in May? Click here to read the message given by Dean Sarandeep Huja to our graduating Class of 2021! 

Fall 2020 Awards:

For the Fall 2020 semester, a total of $176,000 has been awarded to a few of our amazing students. Keep reading to find out who! (Awardees pictured in the order listed)

Wayland H. Cato., Jr and Marion Rivers Cato Scholarship: Alexa Cox (DMD 2022), Joseph Kim (DMD 2022)

MUSC College of Dental Medicine Class of 1974 Endowed Scholarship Fund: Radha Patel (DMD 2022), Andrew Tomes (DMD 2022)

Dr. Charles E. Millwood, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund: Nate Calvert (DMD 2023)

Arthur L. Haisten Scholarship Fund: Hannah Bannister (DMD 2023), Thomas Branham (DMD 2023), Charles Buck (DMD 2023), Kyle Dennis (DMD 2023), Bailey Duffy (DMD 2023), Tanner Holt (DMD 2023), Kacey Medlin (DMD 2023), Samantha Mullis (DMD 2023), Karishma Patel (DMD 2023), Alissa Payseur (DMD 2023), Carlos Restrepo (DMD 2023), Nicholas Schuster (DMD 2023), William Seals (DMD 2023), Coral Simantov (DMD 2023), Shelby Stoltz (DMD 2023), Jared Totaro (DMD 2023), Kaylin Young (DMD 2023)

Harry H. and Adela N. Tetrick Scholarship Fund: Beau Broussard (DMD 2023), Jonathan (JP) Beller (DMD 2023), Mollie Capone (DMD 2023), George Foster (DMD 2023), Gaines Hammond (DMD 2023), Margaret (Maggie) Moffett (DMD 2023), Jessica Price (DMD 2023), Makena Rakouska (DMD 2023), Jacob White (DMD 2023)

George C. McTeer Endowed Scholarship Fund: Marquise Snipes (DMD 2022), Francisca Onyiuke (DMD 2023), Anesa Stackhouse (DMD 2022)

Clarence ‘Sport’ Saunders Scholarship: Sydney Fain (DMD 2022), Kenneth Parker (DMD 2022)

Provost Scholarship: Kathryn Collins (DMD 2023), Sammy Huynh (DMD 2023), Darcy Nirenstein (DMD 2022), Chad Robinson (DMD 2022), Merrell (Trey) Still (DMD 2022), Matthew Watson (DMD 2023)

Provost Supported Scholarship: Roy Faulks (DMD 2021), Kelsey Fierstein (DMD 2021), Shauna Fletcher (DMD 2021), Peyton Herndon (DMD 2021), Winferd (Trace) Holt (DMD 2021), Daniel Horn (DMD 2021), Ariel Kunde (DMD 2021), Jansen Nash (DMD 2021), Hannah Roth (DMD 2021), Katherine Stewart (DMD 2021), Madison Weigle (DMD 2021), Amy Arrington (DMD 2022), Otto Czechner (DMD 2022), Kyle Dorosh (DMD 2022), Rachel Elvis (DMD 2022), David Hatfield (DMD 2022), Madison Hoover (DMD 2022), Megan Kuhn (DMD 2022), Ellen Little (DMD 2022), Melissa Porter (DMD 2022), Keith Tormey (DMD 2022), Christopher Bocklet (DMD 2021), Dylan Brown (DMD 2021), Albert Burrow (DMD 2021), Johnnie Catoe (DMD 2021), David Dudleck (DMD 2021), Michael Dudleck (DMD 2021), Ashley Fox (DMD 2021), Robert Lulo (DMD 2021), Kelly McCorkle (DMD 2021), Amar Patel (DMD 2021), Dominika Wisniewska (DMD 2021)